Sunday, November 23, 2014

Christmas Craft Time

My favourite part of preparing for the holiday season is the sharing of recipes and gift making ideas. I don't fancy myself as a cook however, there is something about the festive season that sees me spending a lot of time in the kitchen!!... I love trying out new recipes from my friends especially gingerbread and chocolate treats! Then the fun part begins...packaging these treats up in little boxes and bags to pass on as Christmas gifts.

If this is something you like to do too? - why not join me this week for a Christmas Craft Night? - this is a great opportunity to make your Teacher Appreciation Gifts or something a little more personalised for your Work Place Kris Kringle  - see details below.....YOU MUST RSVP!

I have all sorts of Crafty Fun to share with you -  you can make Holiday Treat Bags, decorate Bon Bons, sample the Cut Above Christmas Card Kits, fashion some Base & Bling Wearable Craft and/or create ornaments, tags, bags and boxes from my pre-prepared kits. Here is an example of some of the creations we will be making, all put together with the lovely Snowhaven range of papers.

All these ideas have been shared with me by fellow Close To My Heart Consultants and I look forward to passing them onto you - a great big circle of creative love!! My favourite creation was the paper pine cone I did however, decide to go "big" (10cm) and make this a home décor piece rather than an ornament for my Christmas tree. It was a little more time consuming but the result was so worth it...imagine a bowl of these in different colours on your table at Christmas! The Close To My Heart art department created this gorgeous bowl of paper pines cones from the Pathfinding Paper Pack - simply select a Paper Pack of your choice and you will be well on your way to creating your own home décor masterpiece in no time at all.

Thanks for visiting my blog today - looking forward to the "paper play-time" with some of you on Friday but wherever you may be - I wish you a fun crafty week!!

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Adeline E. Brill said...

I love all of your festive designs. You have been a busy elf!