Friday, June 18, 2010

Something for the Boys!

I'm so excited to be sharing a wonderful new digital kit by Janet Carr - Little Feet Digital Designs it is called King of My Heart and celebrates all the love we have for the men in our lives. This kit is simply beautiful with a fabulous touch of all things masculine....and yet, I still managed to find some pink in there.... and was able to create some "girly" pages - along with a cute little pet page... how's that for a little something for everyone??!! :)

...and for this layout I had to "borrow" a little boy - this photo was shared at and the photographer was Paul H. Boliou - gorgeous photo!!

... remember when I started this blog?? - I told you all.... that I would have plenty for you to look at - am I living up to that promise ??? ;)


Miranda said...

Oh Chris, that last layout. It is really beautiful and the others well what can I say, you know I love them.

And if you ever want boy pictures, just give me a call, I have tons of them, LOL.

LORI said...

Haha, Miranda beat me to it! Although I was going to offer the REAL THING - if you ever want to swap a daughter for a son for a day! Just love your layouts - every single one. And I love your blog. You sure set a strong pace! :)